Barcelona sex erotic massage program is aimed at working out all muscles, activating the visitor’s energy channels and nodes. During the session, a beauty with an ideal figure uses her entire body, working out the guest’s muscles not only with her hands, but also with her wrists, elbows, and buttocks. A man is waiting for complete relaxation and simultaneous excitement from beautiful views and sensations. The lingam procedure becomes the cherry on the cake of the session. By the end of the program, the masseuse with skillful hand movements will take the client to the highest point of the mountain of pleasure, which few people have ever reached.

An ancient healing technique that brings maximum pleasure

Since ancient times, this type of erotic massage has been used as a therapeutic procedure, gradually turning into a whole art. It has a beneficial effect on blood circulation throughout the body, restores limb mobility, and also relieves spiritual and muscle tension. In addition, the session stimulates the erogenous zones, saturating the man’s pelvic region with blood and multiplying the pleasure received. The heart is not bypassed either, for which the procedures will be an excellent means of preventing and strengthening the heart muscle. Nuru has a double effect, calming and arousing the guest.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Barcelona escorts erotic massage

To enhance the obtained effects and the correct mood of the guest, contributing to the energy saturation of the whole body, Nuru massage is performed by a masseuse in a room with soft soft lighting and relaxing music. During the procedure, aromatic oils play an important role. This environment sets the client in the right mood and helps them to feel the intimate atmosphere of this enchanting place. This is the only way to achieve an indescribable heavenly pleasure.

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