Features of massage techniques
Harmony and contentment – these are the main goals pursued by erotic massage, regardless of its duration and specificity of movements. It is the combination of pleasant and useful that makes it unique, and in order to relax and excite a man, masseuses use a variety of techniques:
aromatic oils that make you relax and immerse in a drowsiness state;
quiet smooth music with a special rhythm, allowing you to save the client from extraneous thoughts and create a romantic atmosphere;
candles and dim lighting, thanks to which it seems that you are in another world filled with sensual impulses;
naked nature and touch with all parts of the body – not a single man will remain indifferent, having felt how the girl of his fantasies is touching him;
a minimum of words – communication with the beauty takes place at the level of sensations and touches, which does not interfere;
combined effect – during an erotic massage, the body is first relaxed, getting rid of muscle tension and improving blood flow throughout the body, and then gradually brought to the peak of sexual arousal;
special techniques – masseuses during sessions touch the man in different ways: gently stroke, rub and crush, kiss, hold with palms, touch hair, chest and lips, knead, etc.
Erotic massage in Barcelona is a revelation that cannot be compared with anything, and every time pleasure is felt with no less force, especially since every seductress has her own secrets on how to deliver the highest pleasure. As a result of going to the salon, the client not only restores mental and physical strength, but also becomes more confident in his sexual skills, and also determines what he likes best in bed and what he would like to repeat with his partner.

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