There are open vacancies in the ZenTantra massage parlor. Do you want to work as a masseuse? Come to us, we are wonderful And now we tell you why.

  • We promise our guests only erotic massages. Our masseurs do not provide intimate services. And you don't have to.
  • If you have experience in the erotic massage sector, we will be delighted. If not, that's fine. Our best specialists will teach you the professional skills of erotic massage!
  • We have a wonderful team. We control the psychological atmosphere in the salon, so that our employees have good relations with each other. You will also be warmly received.
  • Excellent salary
  • We also have a good reputation. Since the opening, we have made a name for ourselves and acquired a large number of regular customers, our advertising is on all well-known portals and sites. By getting a job with us, you gain stability.
  • We have various requirements for masseurs.
  • Age from 18 years. Of course, we do not employ underage girls.
  • Appearance arrangement. Our masseurs are attractive and interesting girls under 35 years old.
  • Non-conflictive character, as well as decency. As you may recall, we select employees for the team in such a way that everyone can work in a friendly and comfortable way. Your moral character is of great importance.
  • Everything you only dreamed of before. We do not make broken promises. In case of doubt, call us.