Tips to stimulate the body through foot massage

One of the most interesting parts of the body, even being a fetish element that helps stimulate the sexual desire of many people, are the feet.

Due to foot reflexology, certain points of the foot and heel are known that can even trigger a pleasure that apparently may be hidden. However, to be able to carry out this type of methodology you have to be knowledgeable, since otherwise, it can be the origin of problems in the soles of the feet. The erotic touch of the feet is always present between couples and is also common in scenes from great movies, so this relationship is highly known by most people. In this way, the feet can be the beginning of pleasure and can stimulate other parts of the body from it.

Erotic foot massage

The most classic, the objective is to find the perfect point to start sexually and stimulate all the senses in the person who receives it. It is true that a point can also be found where instead of pleasure, there is a certain relaxation that can even create a wonderful fetish addiction. Holistic relaxation and newly acquired vital energy are the key elements here, both of which are indispensable for an active, mobile, and symptom-free daily routine.

Foot bath

An erotic foot massage should begin like a conventional foot massage, that is, with a warm foot bath. The water temperature should be around 38 degrees and an essential oil additive should be added to the water. Lavender oil is especially suitable because, in addition to its disinfecting properties, it also contains relaxing elements and sensory stimulation.

Create an intimate atmosphere

The context is very important in this type of massage. The erotic foot massage for couples, after the bath, continues with the stimulation that can occur when the feet are gently drying. If we add to this an inspiring atmosphere, with soft candlelight, a sensual fragrance or incense, together with a comfortable bed of high comfort, we are generating a very high draft preliminaries.

Beginning of the massage

The couple is already in bed and relaxed. It is time to introduce quality natural oils and exercise together with it smooth and stimulating movements in a harmonious way without forcing the situation, including the fingers, this is where we can exert some pressure.

The massage should end on each foot at the level of the Achilles heel. Between the heel and the tendon insertion, you should rub and massage the area from the bottom up for a few minutes with your thumb and forefinger and apply gentle pressure. Later the same massage is practiced on the other foot.

Foot special points

In the area of the feet there are some points and areas whose touch can stimulate sexual pleasure. Here are some points that increase libido and stimulate the imagination.

  • Through the outer side of the big toe, the hormones of happiness are stimulated.
  • A midfoot massage produces a surge of energy as more adrenaline is released.
  • A massage on the inside of the ankle can stimulate the appearance of orgasms.

If foot massage is casual and is seen as a kind of foreplay, it can even be an effective method for people who have problems with sexual dysfunction, when discovering a novel solution that they did not know before.

Definitely the closeness, the concentration and the knowledge is the perfect conjunction so that the whole procedure goes correctly.

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