Regenerative capacities at the mental and corporal level of tantra


On several occasions the word tantra shows a misinterpretation and is confused by concepts that have nothing to do with Kamasutra or erotic massages.

Thus, anyone who thinks of complicated sexual positions when it comes to tantra is wrong. We are facing a spiritual teaching and an art that understands the body and the mind in a single unit that helps to find inner peace and achieve a regenerative balance of mood and body.

The word Tantra comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and means something like connection or expansion of consciousness. The teachings of the Far East, whose roots are in Hinduism and Buddhism, have nothing to do with sexual practices. Instead, Tantra defines itself as the art of meaningfully channeling the energies of the material world to lead a fulfilling life.

massage in arms

What are the energy centers of the body?

Spiritual teaching includes various techniques, rituals and meditations, for example massage, breathing exercises or yoga. They help people to release their hidden potentials and to awaken the Kundalini that is dormant in the body.

The seven energy centers, called chakras, are located along the spine and are connected to each other by a kind of energy channel, the Sushumna-Nadi. Kundalini energy is supposed to circulate through it and ensure physical and spiritual well-being.

To achieve this goal, although it is not exclusive, it can be achieved through the application of certain techniques such as tantra massage. With this procedure, mind and body are integrated into a single unit, as we have previously mentioned. In this way, anyone who performs a tantric act always does so on the basis of an inclusive attitude and nothing exclusive.

Eroticism and tantra

Unlike white tantra, which does not include sexual acts, red tantra uses sexual practices as a source of energy. The color red refers to the red drop and menstrual blood, which is associated with feminine energy. In Tantra, sexuality is seen as a divine force. Bonding rituals, erotic massage and yoga techniques aim to bring people closer to their divine nature and expand their consciousness.

This further development of spiritual teaching in recent years includes meditation, esotericism, yoga, and gives sexuality a key role on the path to unity of body, mind, and soul.

The two best known tantra massages:

Yoni, the body technique for women

The center of intimate massage is the yoni, the woman’s sexual organ. In the tantra technique, the masseuse works on the external areas of the female intimate area, for example on the pubis, and from there she gently feels her way to the G-spot.

Lingam, the body technique for men

Tantra massage focuses on the lingam, that is, the intimate area of ​​man. The person receiving the massage gets to experience and get to know her body even more, understand her sexuality better and learn to delay climax during sexual union.

Anyone who has already experienced one or the other massage will be surprised by the intensity and duration of a tantric massage. Before the massage even begins, there is a preliminary talk with the masseur. It will be discussed if he has physical, physical or sexual discomforts as it is also a good opportunity to build trust and rapport before starting work.

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