Arriving home after a hard day at work and that your partner pampers you with an erotic massage, will make all your tensions disappear and you can forget for a moment that stifling stress.

According to some scientific studies, maintaining sexual intercourse usually provides multiple health benefits and helps reduce stress. For this reason, a good sexual connection between the two members of the couple is so important and that it will also offer you greater satisfaction in the field of love.

As the years go by, monotony can become the protagonist of a relationship. The flame of passion that was at the beginning goes out and many couples choose to separate. To keep that flame of love always lit in Zentantra we propose some erotic games that you can put into practice with your partner.

Ready to start playing?

Before starting, the first thing we propose is that you create a seductive space for you and your partner with relaxing music, incense and aromatic candles so that you both feel connected and in harmony.

If you are prepared we can start playing with body temperature. Take an ice cube or a hot drink and apply it throughout the body of the loved one to stimulate it. We also recommend that you put the cube or hot drink in your mouth, so that when you practice oral sex, you discover different sensations thanks to the cold or hot tongue.

Another game that we propose is to handcuff your partner's hands or feet without being able to move and the other person will take care of giving you pleasure. In the event that you do not have a partner, in our massage parlor in Barcelona we offer you our Soft Domination service in which a very sexy lady will gently whip you if you do not attend to her orders. The one who escapes or not from their networks we leave it to you.

We also recommend massages with aromatic oils, ideal to increase arousal before sexual intercourse. There is a wide variety of oils with different scents that will produce authentic sensations.

If you visit our erotic massage parlor in Barcelona, we recommend Dulce Eva, in which a very sensual lady will practice an exquisite combination of classic and erotic massages with a termination in lingam.

Surprising your looks with a costume is also a good option to encourage passion between them. Nurse, babysitter or just a very sexy lingerie, will make your partner go crazy for you.

In Zentantra massages we present a complete fantasy program in which you will stimulate your imagination dramatically. Stockings, high heels, costumes and lingerie will drive you crazy. Only you will take care of how you want this game to end.

If you both have a lot of stress at work, you have to try a real ring game in bed. Naked and with a cushion you will start a battle in which the only winner will be love.

Another very erotic game consists of using two jars. In one of them you will put little papers with different verbs that have to do with sex such as licking, sucking, biting and in the other jar you will introduce papers with the different parts of the body. Just stir well and wait to see what your turn.

The last challenge we propose is to guess the taste of a food. Cover your partner's eyes and go by introducing different foods in his mouth: cream, strawberries, ice cream, chocolate, drinks, etc. If you don't guess what you have in your mouth, the person who was not blindfolded will spread that food or drink all over his body and the one who lost will have to lick his whole body until there is nothing left.

Now we just need to put all these games into practice and if you dare we wait for you in the best erotic massage parlor in Barcelona, Zentantra massages

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