Close your eyes and get ready to experience an unprecedented experience. You are ready?

If so, step back into your mind and think about the last orgasm you had. Now imagine that those seconds of pleasure intensify and lengthen in time. This pleasure not only focuses on your genital area, but it expands throughout your body and explodes in your head and heart providing you with a pleasure that you would never have imagined could exist. This immense pleasure is achieved with tantra.


Tantra is an ancient philosophy of life of oriental origin that comes from sacred books of ancient India and the Tíbel and that through various practices seek to connect the mind of the human being with his other spiritual self.

With tantra you will experience another conception of sexuality that will unite you even more with your partner. It is a fusion of masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti, which is achieved with numerous techniques with which you can experience intense and more lasting pleasure.

Currently there are many who talk about this new way of practicing sexuality as a couple. Among them, Diana Richardson, known as the mother of slow sex and with more than 30 years of experience writing books about sex and doing therapies with couples. This consultant concluded that the “way you have sex now, in general, is not healthy for couples” because she says “we can have better experiences in sex” and recommends introducing tantric massages in relationships to intensify the libido between them.

Tantric massages for couples

Before you start, it is very important that you create a pleasant space in the room where you and your partner will have these sexual relations. It is also highly recommended to put relaxing music, incense and aromatic candles to increase eroticism and complicity between them.

When you have that space prepared for both of you, start connecting with your partner with your eyes and a leisurely breath because it will help you maintain the desire for a longer time. Lie next to each other and without thinking about anything else, start giving tantra massages with circular movements throughout the body with the help of aromatic oils.

This stimulation should be without hurry and in the most sensitive areas, to create sensations other than penetration. You can run your finger very gently through sensitive areas such as feet, legs, neck and erogenous areas such as the buttocks, nipples or ears. These erotic massages should end with the stimulation of the ioni or lingam (female and male genitalia) with ascending and descending movements.

Benefits of couples massages

There are many benefits of tantric massages because through them couples learn the art of touching and knowing each other's body by increasing that bond of love between them.

These erotic massages are also very beneficial to cure sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation, impotence and lack of libido after years of relationship.

If you have not yet practiced these tantra massages, I encourage you to start introducing them into your relationship because both of you will experience a spectacular intensity of pleasure that will unite you even more.

I also invite you to visit our center of erotic massages in Barcelona Zen Tantra and you will tell us how was the experience.

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