Discover the male and female erogenous zones

male and female erogenous zones

In the Greek vocabulary, erogenous is translated as the cause of love. The erogenous body zones are areas of the body that, when touched or stimulated, can cause pleasure, love and, in the best of cases, even orgasms.

Only those who already feel desire can transform their erogenous zones into true pleasure centers. Otherwise, the stimulation will not lead to inspiring feelings , but will be perceived as uncomfortable or even painful.

Also, although erogenous zones can be more or less clearly identified, each body is different. The differences are not only evident from one body to another but even the mental and emotional state of the individual determine how pleasant the erogenous zone is.

In this way, through massages the correct access point can be found. The fact is that the entire surface of the human body can be erogenous if it is stimulated in a pleasant enough way. However, some zones have proven to be particularly effective in practice and allow to make sensual play even more exciting.


Parts to which massaging can bring you to a zen state

  1. Brain

    What sounds a little strange at first is very easy to explain. Let’s remember: only those who are in the mood will find a source of pleasure in their erogenous zones.

    As a result, the brain can be described as erogenous zone number one: only when there is desire and only when the brain transmits the appropriate hormones, all other erogenous zones are activated. Otherwise, disgust reigns.

  2. Neck

    The skin on the neck is very thin and therefore especially sensitive. Tender kisses and caresses on this part of the body finally send pleasure signals to the abdomen. Stroking this erogenous zone can be used as preliminaries.

  3. Mouth

    Have you ever had shaky legs when kissing? In addition to many other factors, this is also related to the fact that your lips are the erogenous zone par excellence.

  4. Ears

    The ears belong to the most erogenous zones of the body. Because here too there are numerous nerve endings . In either case, gently stroking the C shape of the ear with your fingertips works better than nibbling.

  5. Breasts

    Every breast invites to be touched, caressed, massaged and kissed with care. You even have to take special care here, because hardly any area is as capricious as the female breast: one day it can be a hot spot of pleasure and orgasm and the next it is so sensitive that touching it hurts.

  6. Inner arms and armpits

    The fine skin on the inside of the arms and especially the armpits produces sparks when that area is massaged.

  7. Hands

    The hand can and should be included in the game of love. Sucking on fingers or holding hands with great force not only allows closeness, but also increases pleasure.

  8. Belly and navel

    The nerve endings around the navel can also be stimulated very well with circular movements of the fingertips or with the tongue.

    An oil massage in the lower abdomen can do wonders, it should even be able to stimulate the G-spot from the outside.

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