How to improve the couple’s relationship and sensuality

Life as a couple over the years tends to inevitably wear out, from the most intimate aspects to any other small joint activity that is carried out, for this reason, breaking that monotony is the key to revitalizing love.

It is important to endow the relationship in new ways that include surprising and unusual intimate moments that help ignite the attraction.

In a phase of the relationship where the mood is not the best for both, you have to look for activities that help improve the sexual life between the two.

Intimate relationships turn out to be one of the main causes and one of the main activities to do without when the relationship does not work, for this reason, improving intimate relationships and fulfilling some purposes and sensual fantasies with your partner is one of the main objectives to achieve.

Enjoy the little pleasures as a couple

Work, home, children or other obligations: our daily life is usually full of things that we must do and they commit us a large part of the schedule. Still, every couple needs time for themselves. Recurring activities together outside of the routine are a great way to regularly spend quality time alone with your partner. They strengthen the bond and create closeness. Going away for the weekend, going to dinner, going to the movies etc… can be the first stone to improve.

Live an intimate moment that will leave you breathless

Although there are also other comforting activities with which to achieve a perfect connection. Massages for couples through tantric techniques in a unique, relaxing, romantic atmosphere, with candles, soft music and a room fully prepared for the occasion, together with your partner you can discover a different point of view of the relationship that will revive the stimuli hidden between the two. Connecting the positive energies of each one, that should be the main objective and can be achieved through the following techniques:

  • Caresses to find erogenous and pleasurable zones: With caress games you can stimulate the erogenous zones of the couple, if you still don’t know them, you will discover them with touch and sensitivity. Find pleasure in areas of the partner’s body that are not usually touched. Hands, feet or any other part of the body going through the foreign body through pressure, light scratches, pinching to obtain a unique sensation.
  • Listen to the breath: Sometimes through silence we can get to know a person more than in an hour of conversation. In the breathing phase, we listen to the couple take deep breaths to feel closer than ever to her and connect evenly as if the two bodies merged into one. All you need is a room isolated from the world, the two of you alone, synchronizing your breathing and listening to the whole process from one to the other. An invigorating moment.
  • Sensual massages: The most complicated part of a sensual massage is generating the context to carry it out, in this case, if you go to a massage center, everything is prepared and conditioned so that everything flows correctly. The room, the bed, the music, the drinks and essential, the natural oils that will serve to play with all kinds of sensations. Take advantage of the massage to release tension from the most stressed areas, combining soft, strong and sensitive movements, to let your imagination run wild with the most pleasant touches and caresses. Do all this together with your partner, in turns, together or with one or two masseuses.
  • Eye contact: It may seem obvious, but the look says much more than we imagine and in couples, the lack of communication often comes from not paying attention to the other. It is essential to find that moment of eye contact, observing the imperfections of the face and body of each one to carry out an introspection that unites the bodies in a homogeneous way and manages to establish in the relationship, the flame that you carry within.

Plan the occasion

Going with your partner for erotic massage barcelona in Zen Tantra should not be understood as a commitment to save the relationship but rather an alternative activity that helps revitalize it, out of the monotony and comfort zone of both.

Sharing fantasies that stimulate and light the relationship flame, making those naughty wishes come true with your partner that for whatever reason you don’t dare to do at home, are reasons enough to plan a session in a space that will take you to a state of pleasure and maximum tranquility away from the stressful life of the city.

It’s time to fulfill sensual purposes with your partner!

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