Prostate massages and G-spot stimulation

prostate massage

It is fully proven that prostate massages give men interesting stimulation and relaxation.

The prostate is commonly associated with prostate cancer, and that’s unpleasant. In fact, the prostate is a very important organ and it can also provide sexual pleasure through special stimulation. A prostate massage can be understood as a G-spot massage for men. The prostate, also known as the prostate gland, is one of the internal sexual organs of the man, like the testes and the vas deferens.

The prostate is generally about the size and shape of a chestnut and weighs about 20 grams. It is located between the urinary bladder and the pelvic floor. The prostate is important for sperm production, occlusion of the urinary bladder and seminal ducts, and hormonal metabolism.

The prostate is a sensitive organ that can be stimulated by internal and external massage

When it comes to sex toys, the prostate has so far been the absolute stepchild of the pleasure industry. It’s actually a shame, because male pleasure is so much more than what is seen from the outside. The male prostate is the great secret of human sexuality , basically the counterpart of the female G-spot. We should dedicate ourselves to it more often.


Direct prostate massage

Since the prostate that promises pleasure is inside it , there is a path that leads directly to it and that is through the butt. This is how the prostate can be reached by gently sliding a finger across this area. The man’s G-spot can be felt two to three inches behind the outlet into the abdominal wall. This type of massage is called direct prostate massage.

Indirect prostate massage

However, there is also the possibility of indirect massage for those who find the finger in the butt a bit strange. Here the prostate is not stimulated from the inside , but from the outside. This passes through the perineum. Here, too, the prostate can be stimulated by exerting gentle pressure, which guarantees a lot of fun.

Some recommendations

To begin with, it is essential that the massage is wet, regardless of whether it is a direct or indirect massage. Lubricant can be applied to the fingers and butt so that it can be easily circled with the fingers and then when relaxed, gently penetrate with a direct massage. The gel definitely makes the massage more comfortable for him. A large amount of lubricant is also always beneficial for indirect, that is, purely external stimulation of the perineum region.

Another tip is to approach slowly. First, caress the perineum, either with the hands or orally, and then focus more and more on the goal of desire.

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