How to improve the couple’s relationship and sensuality

Life as a couple over the years tends to inevitably wear out, from the most intimate aspects to any other small joint activity that is carried out, for this reason, breaking that monotony is the key to revitalizing love. It is important to endow the relationship in new ways that


Regenerative capacities at the mental and corporal level of tantra

On several occasions the word tantra shows a misinterpretation and is confused by concepts that have nothing to do with Kamasutra or erotic massages. Thus, anyone who thinks of complicated sexual positions when it comes to tantra is wrong. We are facing a spiritual teaching and an art that understands

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Aromatherapy, essential elements for a complete massage

Aromatherapy is considered the heart of massages. It is the essence of becoming between an efficient or a bad treatment, in this way, a massage with essential oils means touching all the senses, achieving a balance between mind, body and spirit. A massage through the use of aromatherapy for skin

male and female erogenous zones

Discover the male and female erogenous zones

In the Greek vocabulary, erogenous is translated as the cause of love. The erogenous body zones are areas of the body that, when touched or stimulated, can cause pleasure, love and, in the best of cases, even orgasms. Only those who already feel desire can transform their erogenous zones into

prostate massage

Prostate massages and G-spot stimulation

It is fully proven that prostate massages give men interesting stimulation and relaxation. The prostate is commonly associated with prostate cancer, and that’s unpleasant. In fact, the prostate is a very important organ and it can also provide sexual pleasure through special stimulation. A prostate massage can be understood as

Tips to stimulate the body through foot massage

One of the most interesting parts of the body, even being a fetish element that helps stimulate the sexual desire of many people, are the feet. Due to foot reflexology, certain points of the foot and heel are known that can even trigger a pleasure that apparently may be hidden.

Anti-stress massages to achieve harmony between body and mind

Stress is one of the main causes that cause imbalances both emotionally, as well as socially and mentally. In this way, it is important not only to combat it in acute cases, but also to ensure that at an early stage it can be prevented and take into account effective