Aromatherapy, essential elements for a complete massage

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Aromatherapy is considered the heart of massages. It is the essence of becoming between an efficient or a bad treatment, in this way, a massage with essential oils means touching all the senses, achieving a balance between mind, body and spirit.

A massage through the use of aromatherapy for skin care provides a calming and relaxing sensation, achieving a pleasant state to ease the mind.

The aromatic oils used in these treatments are massaged into specific areas of the body with smooth, even strokes. Before using these preparations, a so-called “arm flexion test” is recommended to check tolerance in people with sensitive skin.

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Women in particular are often affected by cramps during menstruation. But flatulence or headaches are symptoms of congested blood vessels that can be relieved with the help of essential oils. Several of these are known for their antispasmodic effects and help in the treatment of such ailments in the long term. In particular, it is mainly lavender, lemon balm or ylang-ylang.


There are numerous substances among essential oils that are known for their digestive effects. They develop their effect particularly through stomach massages that are carried out in a clockwise direction.

Thus, ginger is effective for nausea and stomach problems. Mixed with a little warm water on a cloth, ginger essential oil stimulates digestion.

Peppermint oil also has a relaxing and analgesic effect; this also applies to the gastrointestinal tract. Massage of the abdomen with peppermint oil has a similar effect. However, people with sensitive skin should be careful due to the menthol it contains.

Lavender or chamomile oil are also quite effective. Lavender oil is considered to promote sleep and relaxation, but it is also used for flatulence and abdominal pain. This oil has a relaxing effect.

Cold prevention

They can be used as an effective remedy in the fight against colds and respiratory diseases. These include thyme, fir, and eucalyptus. Eucalyptus globulus is especially suitable for cold symptoms. They help treat sinus infections, asthma, or bronchitis. Eucalyptus radiata, on the other hand, is somewhat milder and is suitable for treating infections of the throat and nasal mucosa.


The cleansing effect of essential oils has been known since the 1960s. Spraying them significantly reduces the germ load both on the skin itself and in the environment inside a closed room.

Oils with a disinfectant effect are thyme, peppermint and eucalyptus, as well as other related conifers, which have a strong antibacterial effect. Even lavender and orange have been scientifically researched and develop a relaxing effect even in small doses.

The complex composition of the oils is even effective against antibiotic-resistant germs. Depending on their origin or season, they also change their shape and thus avoid the resistance of pathogens.

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